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Psychology and Stress Essay Example for Free

Psychology and Stress Essay In our world today there are factors that make our life a little more difficult. We all go through these frustrations every day and some more than other are affected by them. These factors come in many different forms, yet they all lay under one category, it is called stress. Stress can impact a person physically, emotionally and, may be reasonable for people’s actions out of the norm. Setting up a stress management plan is a good way to find out how to overcome this problem in our everyday lives. Stress can be addressed through finding out what type of stress it is, how it impacts our bodies, and how to deal with stress. First of all stress can be managed just by finding out what type of stress is the cause. Stress causes our bodies to react to event that can be good or bad. According to Melinda Smith, M.A., Robert Segal, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. authors of the article on Understanding Stress, explains the course our bodies take during stress. Our bodies can kick into super hero mode and take us out of danger this is called â€Å"fight or flight†. Our bodies own defenses want to save our lives by confronting the problem or getting away. This can further lead on to cause conflict in our lives. One type of stress that causes this is Acute Stress. This type of stress is cause by a full force event. This can lead to after-effects reoccurring for one month. A study was conducted by the Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an, People’s Republic of China, with this study consisted of analyzing acute stress. The researchers took people with acute stress and tested patients on different levels of symptoms. The study came up with a scale; six dimensions and symptoms a person my experience. The results were helpful to better assist the degree of stress a person has. Also they connected how acute stress could lead to Post Traumatic Syndrome. It’s very important to find good consisting research to be able to find the proper treatment for each person. The next step to manage stress is the impact it has on a person. How could this affect a person’s health in a positive or a negative way. An example of acute stress is a person who has experienced an earthquake afterwards has nightmares of being in the situation again. Their body is responding to emotional impact this event had on them. If we were to go back into the moment the event happened, we would be able to see how stress got this person to react and out of the situation to save their life. People go through a moments of being unstoppable like the hulk. The body gives a person strength and increase other senses to escape. That’s a good way our body response in a time of need. After the fact is when problems start, that can change a person’s life. If this problem is not addressed lead to psychological and mental issues. Stress can start with symptoms of cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioral (Smith, Segal, Segal). This is why people have different be haviors out of the ordinary. Also how important it is to know how much is too much stress (Smith, Segal, Segal). Letting a person get this far can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, depression and many other issues. Lastly finding steps to manage stress is the key. Finding a good plan that works for each person is a must. For example if a person gets stuck at the end of the line at the store and is late for work can be frustrating. People have to learn see the stressors and talk their way out of it. Tell them self’s its ok, review the situation and come to decision. At the end you’re the one who gets mad and then have to get happy again. So if a person starts from the beginning there’s so much that could be avoided. Another example is the people that were in 911 that had acute stress. This event was affecting many in different forms. Seeking treatment with a psychologist would help with the ordeal. Discussing the feelings behind the event helped many overcome their acute stress. In addition a good way to overcome stress comes from the article of Stress Management Health Center. The article notes how relax a person mind by writing, show a person’s emotions, and getting busy by destructions. This type of mental health treatment focuses on reliving the tension one carries. Taking walks, keeping an exercise plan to help focus the energy in another direction, these goals are good to maintain health balanced. A person may also due mediation to easy be the body and relax the mind. They can slowly start to change their outlook on life in more positive way. This can help with so much stress one deal with on a daily bases. In conclusion stress can be managed by taking control over lives by finding out what type of stress a person has, how it affects a person, and by learning to deal with it. Learning what stress is and its affects a person’s life is very important to improving oneself. It’s also a way to target the factors that are negative and replaces them with positive ones. Working one’s health one step at a time can avoid stress that affects people every day. Also learning to relax and taking the time for one self, makes life easier on the soul. If we let stress take ownership we will never overcome it. References YEBING, Y., JINGJING, T., YUAN, J., XUFENG, L., YUNFENG, S., XIA, Z., DANMIN, M. (2011). DEVELOPMENT OF THE ACUTE STRESS RESPONSE SCALE. Social Behavior Personality: An International Journal, 39(5), 713-720. doi:10.2224/sbp.2011.39.5.713 Smith, Melinda, Robert Segal, and Jeanne Segal. Understanding Stress: Symptoms, Signs, Causes, and Effects. 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