Thursday, October 17, 2019

Analysis and Interpretation to Develop a Narrowly Focused Theme in A Essay

Analysis and Interpretation to Develop a Narrowly Focused Theme in A Passage to India - Essay Example The paper attempts to explore this theme through arguments and incidents along with cultural, spiritual, political and hosts of other aspects that prevent a friendship to evolve between the people of two different races. In the beginning, Forster poses a question through Hamidullah and Mahmoud Ali when they discuss "Whether or not it is possible to be friends with an Englishman" (Passage 5). Forster himself reverts at the end stating "No, not yet – No, not there" (Passage 367). Numerous interactions among the characters gradually unfold how imperialism outlook, besides many others, is the biggest stumbling block for developing a friendly and ever-lasting relationship between the people of two different races. When Mrs. Callendar utters, "The kindest thing one can do to a native is to let him die" (Passage 27), Foster presents such views of the Anglo-Indians to reveal that they do not think from the rational viewpoint and with open-mindedness. As a natural happening, Ronny was quite friendly towards the natives but soon he realizes that his position does not warrant such friendship. This is quite apparent when Ronny rebuked Mahmoud Ali in the Court as much as he could. As a matter-of-fact, he did what he believed necessary in the imperial setup of the time. He clearly articulates with his mother stating "I prefer my smoke at the club amongst my own sort" (Passage 22). Forster is more vocal in his views when he states that Cyril Fielding is not influenced by imperialistic ways because he serves education rather than government. That is why perhaps Fielding's friendship with Aziz is more enchanting than any other Anglo Indians; however, he is quick to add that how long Fielding can maintain such relationship in a Colonial India is worth watching. He observes that as soon as Fielding marries Stella and becomes a school inspector and thus, a part of the imperial Raj, he is a changed guy. Describing this, the narrator states that Fielding too has begun getting corrupted by his position and views that God bole’s school has turned into a granary. Does this mean that friendship between Fielding and Aziz will soon be in jeopardy? Forster, while depicting Ronny, is quite sympathetic toward him. It is quite surprising to note that in spite of his British upbringing and open-minded attitude he has started falling in line with those of older British Indian Officials that see natives in the inferior sense. Ronny's changed personality and blurred vision is the result of colonial imperialistic ruling that now he has become a part of. It is important to note here that colonial imperialism is not an only aspect that is preventing friendship. Because Forster is quite skeptical on this issue that the friendship can ever be achieved. Cultural differences and human selfishness are other aspects that prevent friendship. For example, initially, Mrs. Moore is in a good friendship with Dr. Aziz for she finds a spiritual connection with him; however, s ome bizarre echoes in the Marabar Caves unsettle her and she finds no meaning in the universe. Echo turns every human expression into a dullness as is said "Everything exists, nothing has value" (Passage 160). Forster wants to demean the aspects of reason of the Anglo ? Indians because metaphysical aspects do not have reasons always. Mrs. Moore tends to withdraw herself into oblivion keeping no relation with anyone including Aziz. Finally, she leaves

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