Monday, October 14, 2019

Holiday representatives Essay Example for Free

Holiday representatives Essay I am a property rep this is a person that represents the tour operator when you are on holiday this could be for health reasons or quires and to sell excursions. The property rep has many roles and responsibilities the main focus is to look after the holidaymakers. The property rep is responsible for customers in a number of different hotels and apartments or villas in resorts. I am always on the frontline and I am always representing my tour operator. My job has a lot of work involved, for example we can easily get bad reputation from careless property reps, which gives us a bad image, and a tour operator gets a bad image to. As I have said I am on the frontline of my tour operator so I should always be on the right path and do my work to the best of my ability and show that my tour operator is good so that it can get repeat business. If we dont represent our tour operator in a good way people will stop using them, which will come back to us, and we will be viewed and our jobs will be on the line. I am on the frontline of customer service to our customers and it must be impeccable and of high standards this will give us both a good image and customers will be happy which makes my job more enjoyable. There are two types of customer service guests get the 1st one is at the travel agent and this is very important. The last one is with the property rep, which is the last contact the guests get with the tour operator and the last contact is one you remember more, so the better customer service the more repeat business and better competitive advantage.

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