Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Analyze Why I went to the woods of Henry David Thoreau Essay

Analyze Why I went to the woods of Henry David Thoreau - Essay ExampleSince the commit times are driven by digital innovations, facilities and other leverage and benefits being provided through the all overall progress, therefore jungle life as is related to the historic people and stone age cannot be lived by the contemporary man based on the facilities and the environment that has been enjoyed by them. His experience is based upon the circumstance that he had undertaken tests and tribulation towards deciding a place prior to settling at a place. The ratiocination came up after massive investigation and assessment of the places and subsequently deciding upon a place which he could relate to. He was in search of the place that would allow him the feel of nature and keep his psyche at comfort and peace.Other procedures behind his expedition and adventure was to realize and assess for the benefits that are being provided by the nature, and the artificial environment that has bee n overtaken by the mankind which has led to an alienation from the real structure of edict and earth and this in turn makes it troublesome for the mankind to live in a natural manner that comes in form of the woods and jungle life. Hence it can be safely said that these conditions do not apply to the 21st century and a person living in sophisticated urban environment may find it nearly impossible to live in the woods as he does not have any of the facilities that he is used to otherwise. Although the author has taken up the case for the purpose of bring himself closer to the nature and natural existence, yet for any other ordinary citizen it would be difficult to adjust and relate to the woods as there are hardly as facilities that may be available to them in the woods (Thoreau).The purpose of the author was to provide the readers with an insight into the differences and the possible shift over which is often questioned and desired by the person who get distasted from the civiliz ed modern day society and

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