Saturday, May 11, 2019

I will tell you later Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

I entrust tell you later - Essay Examplethe States demanded for a response after endorsing presence of tyrannous governments with the purpose of assuring stability. However, there was throw in the 1970s and 1980s as famous movements that were demanding change became very(prenominal) frequent2.As these movements acquire much momentum, the United States was unable to ascertain political and economical stability, which was very necessary by then. In addition, in 1980, the foreign policy used by the US was amend to a democracy promotion. The global economy continued gaining more relevance, and it was during this moment that a new selected sprout on Capitalist strength3. This was in 1980 prior to the finish of Cold war. This was very significant because America it illustrates that America majored in globalisation of political and economic features prior to the end of the bi-polar hegemonic system. On the other hand, Sen argues that globalization does not entirely reflect westernizat ion. According to Sen, globalization is neither new, nor westernized however, the benefits are justifiable4. Therefore, these two authors points out that we should breast at the perspectives of globalization in the sense that, it is something that has been existing and it is not about transformation5.Based on the readings, globalization involves sharing goods and services or rather continuity of goods, concepts and authority among many nations, which leads to dependence and interconnection. In this case, globalization becomes a positive factor for change. This is because of improved technology also, the entire world in under halt and it is also empowered through global transactions.I tend to believe that globalization becomes a ostracise aspect because, firstly, the diffusion of both the traditions and cultures. These factors are fading day in day out. However, this is a blase way because

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