Sunday, July 28, 2019

Research on retail market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research on retail market - Essay Example The first reason for this option emerges from the fact that my Company is new in the ICT market and due to limited financial resources Sole proprietorship provides the best option as a result of: Its simplicity; it is operated under a simple set up that involves fundamental business requirements for instance; the nominal costs associated with the initial stage of development are relatively low as compared to other business vehicles such as partnerships and incorporation. Another reason emanates from the fact that Sole Proprietorship requires only the payment of licenses and other basic operational fees for commencement of its activities. The third most imperative reason for taking this form of business operation is to ensure that I develop my management skills in ICT management. Sole Proprietorship provides the platform that will facilitate may career development in the field of ICT business. This occurs due to the fact that I will be responsible for all the activities conducted in the business hence improving my managerial skills. Consequently, this form of business operation would create a favorable ground for the development of my new business since cases associated with other forms of business vehicles like complex taxation processes will be avoided. That is, sole proprietorship cannot be differentiated from its original owner hence the method of taxation on such business is less complicated as compared to partnerships and incorporation. Moreover, other negative facets that may arise due to mismanagement that are usually experienced in partnerships and incorporation are also prevented. For instance; poor productivity that may arise due to poor modus operandi of one of the partners that lead to law suit are prevented in sole proprietorship. Sine the owner of sole proprietorship is responsible for all its management issues, much effort is

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