Friday, July 26, 2019

Sesame Street Ganstas Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sesame Street Ganstas Reflection - Essay Example The image which is taken in a street setting depicts as a character who always finds his way. He is shown in the episode demonstrating his ball-juggling ball skills. He as well challenges the other characters, including a baby to catch the ball. As a way of frustrating his subjects, he at one time deflates a fellow character, a football, leaving it formless and without the ability to bounce. In a crooked way, Elmo also slowly and skillfully blows a golf ball into the hole, just for him to win. He best seems to apply the principle of the end justifies the means. In the fictitious streets of Manhattan city, the characters, Elmo finds himself in trouble in the hands of gangsters. He is sandwiched between weapon-bearing gangsters. In the episode on balls, Elmo appears to dominate his world. Even when in the arms of these gangsters, he still appears as one who is fearless and is seen struggling to free himself. The gangsters in their street where Elmo seems to have trespassed in his quenc h for adventure seem to be much determined to hold him captive. The gangsters and the poor Elmo appear to be in a big struggle. The image, therefore, portrays Sesame as a street with a mixture of characters, who are out to challenge each other. This makes the image most suitable for children since it creates a complete satire of the Sesame Street, in a way which is humorous and educative. It prompts the children to be wary of the dangers likely to be encountered in the streets. The image is also suitable to adults. This is because apart from entertaining them, it also brings out the reality that caution should never be thrown to the wind especially when in the streets. The image raises the societal issue of the real world where gangsters in the streets is a real problem. It leaves the audience with the information that, caution should never be ignored especially

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