Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sociology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Sociology - Assignment Example Danish society has basically laid down the right foundation in caring for the elderly by imposing that the spouse is most responsible for the care of the aging partner. This is even supported by legislation and decreed that only the elder child within the household can assist the aging parent. By doing so, society is transformed in its view of the family – that is a permanent institution and members are obliged to fulfill such roles. Young people wanting to get married would think if they can really perform the roles their spouse need from them until old age. As for the Danish home care policy, it is a good working model of a society that has planned for its elderly citizens. In comparison with the United States, it cannot conceive and implement such policies since the healthcare system alone is in a mess. The Danish policy has long been planned and executed by the government which is a reflection of their priorities – healthcare. Since America is extremely preoccupied with external issues , it cannot sort out its own affairs and render good service to its citizens. The chapter about Muslim Iranians is also an interesting read since it presents how a minor culture ( Iranian )tries to assimilate to a more dominant one ( American). Growing old in another country like the case of Iranian seniors in California is quite stressful since psychological adjustment has to be made in order to fit in the host society. As mentioned in the text, â€Å"depression, loneliness, loss of sense of community â€Å"(p.304) affect the elderly. It is for this reason then that while still young, people begin to build their social networks. Nevertheless, the case of Babi is quite different as she had successfully assimilated in the American culture and had even found a new love. It is not luck that made her enjoy her golden years but her attitude to overcome the transcending scripts of culture that women should be just at home. However, it cannot be denied that

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