Thursday, September 26, 2019

A Feminism that Combines Gender and Race (and Class) (responses) Assignment - 1

A Feminism that Combines Gender and Race (and Class) (responses) - Assignment Example Katherine relationship with Michael was not based on informed choices. She did not have the correct priorities. Katherine and Michael did not have a healthy relationship because she says that she never has an idea who Michael was, but wanted to have his children. A healthy relationship is based on the understanding and expectation of the future. Couples need to know what is expected of them once they have established a relationship to avoid false start and conflicts. Moreover, a healthy relationship does not rush on having sex without discussing it beforehand so as to prepare appropriately. According to Katherine her grandparent and her parent have the best relationship that she could find. She says that they are the happiest marriages, and they enjoy being together all the time (Blume 30). Even when there are disagreements in the family, Katherine says that they laugh about it, and she adores its. Katherine grandparent has the best relationship in the novel. They have succeeded in their marriage and helped Katherine parents too. Moreover, her grandmother is interested to help Katherine in her relationship and how to establish a healthy relationship. Therefore, for their good nature Katherine grandparents can be said to have a healthy

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