Friday, September 13, 2019

Project management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Project management - Essay Example The main problem that is faced when managing the project is that the manager has to achieve the goals that have been set within time limits and a defined budget. Project life-cycle management is the system of management of the whole product lifespan beginning from the concept, designing manufacturing and the service. Gido and Clements (2008) add that the Project lifecycle management forms the base of information for companies by giving them a structured method of sorting and utilizing information, which is crucial for the existence of the project. Project management is essential in the corporate world as ever firm needs a good managerial procedure for the information that is involved in the execution of a business endeavor. Benefits Being a software developer, I work on different projects for different firms to develop their software and realize how such project management helps enhance the efficiency of the firm. For instance I recently developed software for Grubb and Ellis. The fi rm had software development for the different stages of their work. The main project was to implement Lease Management of real estate commercial leases for receivable and payable leases with their respective general ledger charts of accounts, Project Management which included the construction of building improvement projects with budgets and electronic approvals and lastly Facilities management which included tenant services requests to fix problems within their premises which included maintenance both preventive and proactive. Gido and Clements (2008) explain that the benefit of this software for the firm was that it helped in the organization of the whole business. In addition, it reduced the time for execution and thus saved the firm a lot of time. Since every transaction and service was now organized, it reduced a lot of costs and increased the overall efficiency by making systematic ledger accounts of all transactions for receivable and payable of the real estate. Moreover, thi s also improved the entire service quality as individual transaction was visible and categorized which enabled the firm to make customized dealings and giving personalized attention to every customer. In addition, since every transaction and record was properly entered, there was a log of everything and the timing of every transaction; every customer request for maintenance etc was also known which made the entre service very precise, which was appreciated by the customers. Moreover, with such project management software, the firm was also able to assess potential opportunities for business and how beneficial every customer could be in the future. With this, the firm was able to direct its resources in a more positive fashion and in turn earn the business better revenues. In addition, since the data had been stored systematically, it now became easier to go back and forth to older data and save time. Moreover, an optimized version of every product was seen as everything was operated via software and the products and services were now easier to understand and implement. The model of the business can also be replicated in other regions if the firm plans to expand its business. The system would also enable the firm to operate its regional offices through one system and since there were centralized product and services records, decision-making was facilitated and there was a better control over

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