Sunday, August 25, 2019

Course-work assignment 2, Lent term, 2015 Essay

Course-work assignment 2, Lent term, 2015 - Essay Example This question may be explicit or remain hidden. Luc Besson is known due to his action movies and blockbusters, there are hidden layers that involve social questions, depth of feelings and life choices to be resolved. He has his unique individual style to depict the way the events of life create the presuppositions for formation of people’s features of character, shaped by the challenges and experiences they face. This paper appoints as its goal an attempt to interpret the phrase â€Å"I am guided by a single preoccupation: that modern society creates a familial crisis, and an emotional lack for young people† by Luc Besson through the films he created, particularly â€Å"Nikita†, â€Å"Leon† and â€Å"Fifth Element (as a supportive source). Reviewing films of Luc Besson, it is important to view shortly his biographical background as it evident that the way childhood and maturation passed determines the formation of personality and the products he or she creates. The child of two scuba educators in Paris, Luc was born on March 18, 1959, and spent a large portion of his childhood taking after his parents on the club Med circuit in the middle of Greece and Yugoslavia. Luc was an avid diver like his parents. At ten years old, â€Å"he swam with a wild dolphin while his parents were diving† ("Luc Besson full biography," 2010). The experience influenced him so that he chose to commit his life to watching and comprehension the ocean creatures by turning into a sea life researcher. Bessons fantasies of turning into a sea life researcher were dashed at 17 years old after a mishap that rendered him not able to dive. Taking after his recovery, he went to Paris to complete school. While adapting to city life, Besson found T V and the filming ("Luc Besson full biography," 2010). They soon substituted his enthusiasm for the ocean, and he chose to seek after a filmmaking profession; in the wake of dropping out of school, he started

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