Sunday, August 11, 2019

Global marketing report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Global marketing report - Essay Example BRICS is contributing to the defining of the global economy with China playing the greatest role. China is expected to challenge the US in the coming years. India follows the footsteps of China although its emergence is much slower and less impressive. Brazil, Russia, and South Africa are probably the least emergent among the BRICS countries, but this does not mean that they are not emerging. The emergence of these countries offers opportunities to global companies operating in them. In addition, there are challenges and risks that global managers will have to overcome in order to drive their organisations to success. This study examines the economic and political challenges and difficulties that are faced by managers of multinational companies in the Chinese market. The study also examines the economic and political opportunities and benefits that accrue to these managers as they manage their companies in ChinaThis study discusses the opportunities and challenges faced by the managers of the British American Tobacco in their operation in the most successful BRICS countries – China. Close monitoring of political and economic challenges will be the key to their success.. â€Å"Today’s peril is not of the Chinese behind the gun; rather it is that one of the Chinese as the manufacturers of guns† (Jain 2010, p. 155). This statement displays how newspapers’ writers view China as a threat to the developed economies in terms of economic expansion. China, with its cheap labour and keen aptitude for imitation, is competing with the West. The above quote is extracted from Wagel’s (1980) book, which was originally published in 1914 and reprinted in 1980. Therefore, the debate about China becoming more developed than other countries has been going on for more than 90 years. The rapidest growth has been witnessed in the past three decades. The Chinese economy even

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