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Introductin to Managment and Welfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Introductin to Managment and welfare - Essay ExampleThe jump encompasses three departments activities autobus, funding manager and volunteering manager. My role in the pop the question incorporates activities manager whereby I leave alone facilitate recreational and therapeutic activities for the elderly. The role of the funding manager is to adopt turn over models of funding the project, as well as managing and allocating finances to the projects activities. The volunteers manager, on the other hand, will be responsible for recruiting, coaching, organizing, encouraging, and entertaining volunteers. Project Objectives The elementary objective of this project is to mitigate feelings of social isolation among the elderly residents. Pursuing the comfort of the elderly is not farfetched as it reinforces their productivity within the society. The supplying of comprehensive leisure activities suited for the elderly is geared towards enabling them to remain active throughout the subsequently stages of their life. This is vital in curtailing seniors predisposition to isolation by actively engaging them into leisure activities. Similarly, the project is geared towards integrating the elderly into the society via group interactions and social functions. Ultimately, the project is directed at promoting healthy hold and reinforcing social networks among the elderly (Kunstler & Daly 2010, p.341). Roles and Responsibilities of Activities Manager One of the core mandates of activities manager is to encourage the elderly residents to suggest pleasurable leisure activities, which are then implemented. The involvement of the elderly into choice of activities is essential active involvement aid in maintaining an elevated mood state within the group. As activities manger, I will have to aline with agents such as social administrators in order to plan and implement programs geared towards enhancing the lifestyle of the elderly. In addition, I will also need to deve lop innovative activity programs and events for my clients as well grip abreast with the recent trends in recreational facilities. Recruitment of the Participants Recruiting the seniors into the envisaged physical and social spaces will not be an easy endeavor. To start with, we will approach the local community leaders to gather firm support for the project. Seeking support and endorsement by the local community groups and leaders enhances solid commitment from the community in terms of ongoing support principle, action, and finances. In the recruitment process, we will seek the indulgence of the local community through the use of events and a study so as spot the target audience. Since this project is a daycare facility for the elderly, the project targets older residents who have not yet been incorporated into the residential housing for the elderly, and who bear the blunt of increased levels of social isolation and depressed community involvement. The operation of the project is similar in many respects to other resident care facilities for the elderly. We are seeking to describe retirees, a maximum of 50, and have devised several ways in which to interact with them. The project is in its resident recruitment phase, which incorporates sourcing information from the social administrators within the community and inviting retirees to apply. We will also hold an open good afternoon

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