Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Leadership and management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Leadership and management - Assignment ExampleThis particular report is based on a case study that involves a hospital make that has been encountering severe problems with regard to its management and leadership at each(prenominal) levels, thus affecting the overall performance and effectiveness of the organization. A change in the organizational structure and leadership has been proposed where I being the Learning & Development (L&D) manager, along with the selected HR Director, would determine the rival of the current structure on the tonic changes that argon being proposed, thereby trying to recommend measures to decrease the effects of much(prenominal) risks and impacts. Some of the major issues that are reflected from the case include the ineffectualness of the trusts leadership, management and hierarchical structure of organization, the nicety of divisive inward looking, as well as the ineffectiveness of the doctors and generalist managers to deal with budgets and per sonnel. The new changes would include increased engagement of the employees, improved customer services, reformation of forgiving resource management and development, and also focus more on the function of learning and development. 2. Impact of the gratuity Structure and Culture on the Changes Being Proposed The Need and Positive Effects of the Changes Considering the role of the leaders and the benignant resources (HR) managers, it is needed to be mentioned here that practices of HR within an organization determine to a large consequence the activities and measurement of performances and decide on the styles of leadership that need to be followed within the organization. With changes in the organizational structure, leadership, culture there are significant effects on the organization and its employees that are associated with the changes. For example, for existing employees, adaptation to new organizational structure, leadership, HR practices and new culture become difficult ( Searle and Skinner 2011). Downsizing and redundancy are two major issues occurring as a result that has been in the case of the hospital trust in concern. With different work experience, the efficiency of work by the existing employees is likely to be further unnatural (Searle and Skinner 2011). As far as codes of National Health Service (NHS) are concerned, it is essential that all personnel can act accountably for all their acts and performances. Honesty is a major factor that every employee should follow. Without such accountability, professional standards among the hospital trust cannot be achieved (Code of Conduct- Code of Accountability in the NHS n.d.). With the case of the hospital trust in concern, it can be realized that an inward-looking culture that prevails in the trust where doctors do not lift themselves being ineffective in dealing with budgets and people, thus not being accountable. In addition they consider the generalist managers as ineffective and look down to them. Such actions reflect very less chances of advance unless the behaviors of the members change. However, as the new team of HR and I, together plan for new recruitment, the problem that can bear is with the negative performances of those employees who stay. There is also

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