Monday, April 22, 2019

Parenting Tips Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Parenting Tips - Essay ExampleMost parents are still using traditional and superannuated parenting skills to raise their children. These skills have proved to be in impressive. For a parent to be salutary, there are a number of tips that he or she needs know. This paper, therefore, looks at good parenting tips and what makes a good parent. Good parenting tips An effective and very inherent tip for good parenting is showing love, not only for the children, but similarly among the parents. Children do perpetually feel better when they are brought up with parents who love each other. Parents should, therefore, work seriously on their love first so as to build a bod family. They should avoid engaging in activities such as dishonesty, alcoholism and domestic violence that might make them unhappy, stressed up and frazzled. It is meaning(a) for parents to know the fact that children do always copy several stuffs from their elders. Therefore, they need to be the outdo reference mo del for happiness and healthy adulthood (Swindol 94). Parents need to ensure that their marriage is strong enough to take aim the family together. Children need both parents for better suppuration. Therefore, marriage that experiences divorce and separation cases will negatively affect the development of children. In order to practice good parenting, it is essential for parents to put their marriage first before anything else. Parents privy strengthen their marriage by developing trust between themselves, being honest to one another, loving each other and being able to sacrifice for better development of family relationship (Swindol 150). Therefore, good parenting is close to having happy marriage that children will be pleased with and use the observed partnership as a model for their relationships in future. Another tip for good parenting is ensuring that quality time is given to children. Many parents do always believe that spending a lot of time with their children will inter fere with their development and yet make them docile (Sukh 17). Creating time for children is very essential for their development. Many parents who are working do always find it hard to create time for their children. Majority of these parents do believe that good parenting is about heavy(p) children a lot of cash, which is not true. Good parenting is about creating enough time for the children. No matter how hard the condition might be, parents should ensure that they create time for their children so as to give them their tender oversee and love. Sukh argues that the stronger the relationship among parents and their children, the better opportunities for effective parenting (18). Sukh highlights that children like being close to their parents and no excuses or any kind of explanation will convince them about the absence of their parents (19). Availability of parents makes children develop powerful sense of worth. It also makes children to understand that they are loved. Parent s availability makes children know how they are loved. The sense of being loved or treasured is very essential for childrens psychological development (Sukh 19). Therefore, as a good parenting tip, parents should try their best to always have quality time with their children. How to be a good Being a good parent put forward be attained in a number of ways. As a parent, it is essential to avoid criticizing children and instead, praise them always. Praising children normally makes them strong and confident in everything they involve in. Confidence can be developed among children by avoiding

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