Sunday, April 21, 2019

Research Proposal- How Cheesecake Factory extend the overseas' market Proposal

- How Cheesecake pulverization extend the overseas merchandise in China - Research Proposal ExampleThis research proposal focuses on the process of vocation expansion adopted by American Bakery unfluctuating The Cheesecake Factory. The study will mainly spring on the overseas activities of The Cheesecake Factory in China and the aspects related to the business expansion process.The Cheesecake Factory was set up in the year 1975 by Oscar and Evelyn Overton. Initially, it began as a small shop in Detroit and was converted to a cheesecake supplier for the local restaurants (The Cheesecake Factory, 2014). Later on the business was shifted to Los Angles where the suppliers were the given the form of a restaurant 1978 by David Overton. This was the first Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. The initial strategy of The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants was to provide the customers with ultimate dining experience (The Cheesecake Factory, 2014). forthwith The Cheesecake Factory is operating wit h more than 175 restaurants out of which 165 are being operated under its aver brand, while 13 restaurants are being operated by Grand Lux Caf and one by The Rocksugar trash (The Cheesecake Factory, 2014). The international expansion process of The Cheesecake Factory began in the 2011 as they expanded into the Middle East by partnering with M.H. Alshaya Co in Kuwait (The Cheesecake Factory, 2014). This marked the beginning of a new business role for the firm as they started catering their services to the global consumers. In 2013, they extended to the Caribbean by opening a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in Puerto Rico (The Cheesecake Factory, 2014). Recently, the company has started focusing on the Asian markets for enhancing the scope of growth and increase of the firm.The aim of the research is to assess the process of business operations by The Cheesecake Factory in the Chinese market. The study will reflect the various factors that influence the process

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